March/April Surveys & Registrations

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March/April Surveys & Registrations

Postby rcinfo » Thu May 10, 2018 11:26 am

New tropical survey teams should register their team:

The following were received during the months of March & April:

Team Registrations
Belize- John Savage & Hubert Logan- Ambergris Caye, 6/23/18

Received Surveys From
Australia- submitted by Reef Check Australia- 167 surveys
Indonesia- Delphine Robbe (Gili Eco Trust)- 4
Maldives- Irthisham Hassan Zareer (Gemana)- 1
Thailand- Jennifer Dowling (Eco Koh Tao)- 2
Timor-Leste- Jenny House (Blue Ventures)- 9

Survey data can be viewed on Reef Check's Global Reef Tracker at

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