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Outreach, Recert and Survey Dates for 2018 Survey Season!!!

Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2018 4:08 pm
by Katiekozma
Hi SoCal Reef Checkers,

The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived...the 2018 Survey Schedule is now LIVE!!!

Make sure to sign up for your Recert if you plan to do surveys with us this year :D! We have 5 scheduled this year, including one in San Diego.
Start marking your calendars for survey dates as well!

Here's the schedule so far (we'll definitely update you if anything changes in the next few weeks):

RCCA 2018 Outreach, Recert and Survey schedule for Southern California

10th: Diver’s Day at AOP

8th: LA recert #1 on Magician to Catalina out of San Pedro
14th: LA recert #2 on Magician to Catalina out of San Pedro
21st: Ventura recert on the Raptor
28th LA recert #3 on Magician to Catalina out of San Pedro

9th: Spring Refugio shore survey, attempt 1
10th: Palos Verdes Party – 4 sites on the Magician in one day out of San Pedro
16th: Spring Refugio shore survey, attempt 2
23rd-24th: SCUBA Show in Long Beach
30th: San Diego Recert on Lois Ann

14th: Casino Point shore dive at Catalina Island (Summer Survey)

4th-5th: La Jolla Cove shore survey (one dive each day)
11th: Divers Cove shore survey
18th: Seal Rock shore survey
25th: Little Corona Del Mar shore survey
28th- 30th: 3- day Northern Channel Islands Expedition with Truth Aquatics out of Santa Barbara

8th: Mega Malibu on the Magician (4 surveys in one day) out of San Pedro
15th: Point Loma dives (1 dive at each North Hill Street and Broomtail Reef) on the Lois Ann out of San Diego
22rd: Salt Creek survey in Dana Point on the Riviera

13th: La Jolla boat dives on the Lois Ann– Windansea and South La Jolla
20th-21st : Backside of Catalina surveys on the Bottom Scratcher
27h: Casino Point shore dives at Catalina (Fall Survey)

3rd: Refugio shore fall survey, attempt #1
10th: Refugio shore fall survey, attempt #2
17th: Survey make up day

We'll make individual Forum Posts for each specific survey soon, so that you can start signing up. Please don't hesitate to contact Selena or myself with any questions that you have about the schedule.

We're really looking forward to this Survey Season! See you in the water soon!!

Selena and Katie