11.4.17 Camel Surveys

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Re: 11.4.17 Camel Surveys

Postby Kadugan » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:37 am

South Monastery and Carmel River are COMPLETED. No clean up needed. Conditions were mild, viz was great and it didn't rain on us.

We try to do an extra fish only transect or two just in case a team cannot complete their core and two FOT assignment. This acts as a sort of insurance not to do a third dive or clean up. On the last survey at Pt. Joe and Spanish Bay we had 6 and 2 extra bonus fish respectively, which was really overachieving. We were pleased to only have one extra fish for So. Monastery and zero extra fish at Carmel River. So, what I guess I'm saying, is that now that the season is over for the year, we have it dialed in.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and knocked out these final surveys: Stephen, Stephanie, Robert, Vince, Kate, Roberta, Peter, Captain Phil, and Mr. Golden Slate David Chervin.
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