What's happening to Reef Check Philippines?


What's happening to Reef Check Philippines?

Postby cerrone » Fri Nov 16, 2007 12:05 am

What's the status of Reef Check Philippines?...what's happening with Reef Check Philippines' management?...i heard that their program manager has resigned?...so,what's reef checks future in the philippines?...


Visiting Philippines

Postby chrisbone » Wed Dec 19, 2007 10:21 am

I am keen to meet with ReefCheck Philippines too as OceansWatch www.oceanswatch.org will be there in June 2008. We will be passing through on route from New Zealand to Hong Kong.
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RC Phil Alive and Well

Postby gregorh » Wed Dec 19, 2007 4:15 pm

Hi folks,

Reef Check Philippines is a registered NGO with a variety of campaigns, projects and staff. The Underwater Photography Contest last month in Cebu was a lot of fun and a big success! A new exhibit at the Mall of Asia and events in Manila for the International Year of the Reef 2008 are planned. We are still chasing the President to join other small island nations to sign our Declaration of Reef Rights -- if you have not yet signed please do so now. We need your help!
See: www.reefcheck.org/petition/petition.php

Following our withdrawal from the MAMTI partnership, the former MAMTI Project Manager Stuart Green, has taken a new position. Stuart did a fantastic job under very difficult circumstances and will be sorely missed. We look forward to working with him on future projects. For information regarding Reef Check teams in any of our 90 countries please see the contacts listed at:

For more info about Philippines activities pls contact:
Dr. Domingo S. Ochavillo, Ph.D.
Country Director
Reef Check Conservation Program
Mobile: +63 920 4106289
E-mail: dochavillo@reefcheck.org

For information about the status of RC programs pls see our latest online newsletter:


Reef Check Philippines

Postby cerrone » Tue Jan 01, 2008 8:52 pm

What happened with the MAMTI project that Reef Check Philippines claimed they withdrew from?...why withdrew from the MAMTI project?...what will happen to the projects deliverables then and to the fisherfolk that needs their expertise?...do you still have staff working in your project areas?...news that i heard was, RC has no more regular or project staff working...is this true?

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Reef Check Philippines

Postby reefhunter » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:24 am

Latest info i got is RC Phils no longer have staffs working under it. What will happen to RC Phils now?

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Reef Check Philippines program

Postby Domingo » Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:27 pm

Hi to all,

Reef Check Philippines right now is undergoing some staff changes due to the withdrawal from MAMTI. However, some Reef Check staff will continue to work on project deliverables on some new arrangements with other partnet NGOs under MAMTI. So Reef Check Phil is committed to complete its work on project areas under MAMTI.

Besides our MAMTI work, Reef Check Philippines have had numerous activities last year. We organized Eco-Action training in Ocean Adventure in Subic, Zambales; and Pacifico Azul Resort in Anilao, Batangas; a big training in Vistamar Resort in Cebu in partnership with ScubaWorld Cebu; and the last one in October in Puerto Galera which was sponsored by WWF. WWF gave us money and supported Reef Check in all aspects of the training. Therefore, we have put things in place for Eco-Action to gain some traction. With some improvements on marketing and the distribution of materials, Eco-Action hopefully will be ready to go.

On the events side, we had a media event in partnership with IMAX cinema in SM Mall of Asia (the biggest mall in the Phil) last year. We were part of the 3D film launching about coral reefs. The premiere night showing also showed the fantastic underwater photos of Gutsy Tuason, a Filipino of world-class talent, who has always been a Reef Check supporter. Reef Check Phil and Brownsugar productions (Carina Escudero and company) also worked with Mall of Asia in putting up Virtual Coral Reef in order to promote coral reef awareness. Carina and her group have shot underwater footages and these have been projected in panels in Mall of Asia. Mall of Asia has also provided Reef Check with panels for coral reef information. We are very grateful for the Sy's for giving us the space.

Lastly, we had an Underwater Photo Contest and Beach Reggae Party last November in Mactan island, Cebu. Scubaworld Cebu was a major sponsor. Thanks especially to John Melendrez, the active manager there and of course Yvette Lee, their Philippine PR and marketing person. We partnered with MAD About Us (Joel Uichico, Marissa Floirendo andothers), a group of photographers are are advocating and developing best practices for underwater photography. The event was also a tourism activity of the Lapu-lapu City Government who donated food (Thanks Vice Mayor Amores). It was the 1st Underwater Photo Contest in Cebu. We had numerous sponsors and partners like Nora Ross of Tropical Island Adventures, Matsuda of Angel Marine in Vistamar, Boyla Dive Operations, Island Souvenirs (t-shirts for the participants), Sun-Star local newspaper, Philippine Airlines, STI for the technical staff in photo judging, Jewelmer, DirectAquatics of Mike Dizon, and numerous friends and sponsors (check our website for the event poster) and of course volunteers. The reggae band Pitch Melba was great and we partied until midnight.

Reef Check Phil has also been a member of the Marine Protected Area Support Network (MSN) being spearheaded by Dr. Perry Alino. The activities last year culminated in the recognition of the best marine protected areas in the Philippines in an event. Perry has done a great job and we hope to partner again with MSN this year in strengthening and encouraging the establishment of MPAs in the country.

Because of some staff changes, there will be incoming discussions on how to proceed with the Reef Check Phil program this year. We are scheduling a board meeting to plan out this year's activity. But definitely, RC Phil will be part of an activity this March to launch IYOR.

Reef Check Phil has been supported by numerous friends and volunteers I apologize if I missed some of them.


Domingo Ochavillo
Executive Director
Reef Check Philippines

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