Article with comparative figures, fluorescence night dives

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Article with comparative figures, fluorescence night dives

Postby horstartur » Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:08 am

I have published an article about the coral reef with about 200 figures in comparative studies with normal white and fluorescent (blue) light. The data I received during my night dives in El Quseir, Egypt in January 2011. Also the theory of fluorescence and the biology of corals is described in detail. Furthermore a HiTec fluorescence torch is shown, which I have recently built for a marine biology institute in Hawai.
The article is also available in German.
English version: ... ceHigh.pdf ... nceLow.pdf

German version: ... euHigh.pdf ... DeuLow.pdf

For further questions you can contact me> horst.grunz et
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