Nor/Cen Cal-Sat Oct 19- charter- Point Joe/ Hopkins SUCCESS!

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Re: Nor/Cen Cal-Sat Oct 19- charter- Point Joe/ Hopkins

Postby swelll » Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:04 pm

I just wanted to thank everyone for joining us on our last charter of the season. This is one of my favorite times of year to dive since there is usually great vis and the chrysaora jellies are usually close the coast... improving our chances of seeing Mola molas! We had flat calm conditions on this pretty day and though vis was not as great as it can be 3-6m we went to one of the best sites we could for exposure and therefore clean water... Point Joe. This is a great site with some pretty dynamic bathymetry and more bull kelp then some of our other sites. With a full boat (14 divers) we were able to complete all but one fish transect. We will not be heading back for the last fish and will make due with the 15 replicate fish transects we were able to collect. Great job everyone!! For our second dive we went to our site Hopkins, named after Stamford's Hopkins Marine Lab the cove is adjacent to. The vis was reduced here as is often the case in the bay but it was adequate and there were jellies galore! The water column was filled with California Sea Nettles giving some divers the creeps and some irritating mustaches and other divers delightful photo opportunities. This is a great site for observing abalone and many came back with IDs of lots of both reds and flats. A few divers saw the large sheepheads, both male and female, that inhabit this site. We were able to complete the entire survey in one dive! Amazing job everyone!! Quite a feat considered the reduced number of divers on our smaller boat. During our travels to/from our sites we were delighted with views of several humpback whales. A couple even surprised us surfacing right near the boat! And if diving with our favorite buddies surrounded by whales on a beautiful day wasn't enough several folks joined in the holiday spirit and came decked out in their UW Halloween costumes. We had a monkfish, a convict, a skeleton, and a mouse with rainbow tentacles to add to mix! You guys are awesome! Thanks for a fun day and great season everyone. Hope to see you all at our end-of-the-year party on Dec 7th and next year for another successful year of surveys.

Thanks for all that you do!

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