2015 CenCal Surveys-at-a-glance

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General questions and discussion regarding Reef Check California's Rocky Reef Monitoring Program

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2015 CenCal Surveys-at-a-glance

Postby dabbott » Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:13 pm

Hi Reefcheckers,

It's time to mark your calendars! We've finalized our tentative 2015 survey dates!

Please use this list below for planning purposes, but please don't try to RSVP for any surveys by replying to this message! We will post all surveys 2-3 months in advance on the forum, with each survey getting it's own forum listing. Once a dive has it's individual post, please feel free to add your reply on that survey's page. That way you are kept up to date about any updates or logistics changes for each dive.

Saturday 9-May- Lovers Point/Aquarium- Silver Prince
Monday 18-May- Breakwater (spring)- Shore
Tuesday 26-May- Middle Reef (spring)- Shore

Saturday 13-Jun- Coral Street (spring)- Shore
Sunday 14-Jun- Mile wide reef-12 mile- Magic
Saturday 20-Jun- Otter Cove/Macabee- Silver Prince

Saturday 18-Jul- N. Monastery- Shore
Saturday 25-Jul - Stillwater Cove/Pescadero- Escapade

Weekend 8-9 Aug- Spooners/Point Buchon- Magic
Friday 14-Aug- Breakwater (fall)- Shore
Saturday 15-Aug- Big Creek?- Shore
Saturday 22-Aug- Carmel River/S. Monastery- Escapade

Saturday 12-Sep- Middle Reef/Weston- Escapade
Weekend 19-20 Sep- Sonoma Campout- Shore
Saturday 26-Sep- Coral Street (fall)- Shore

Saturday 3-Oct - Hopkins/Point Joe- Escapade
Weekend 17-18 Oct- Sonoma Campout 2?- Shore

Weekend 7-8 Nov- Big Sur Campout?- Shore

Of course there's a chance we may need to reschedule some of our dates due to conditions and we've got a few free weekends here and there to reschedule. Hope you are looking forward to the 2014 survey season! I am excited to see you all in the water soon.

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