Voices from the Fisheries project website launched

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Voices from the Fisheries project website launched

Postby cdawson » Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:29 pm

California Sea Grant is pleased to share the following announcement.
Please forward this invitation to participate to teachers/groups that might be interested. The project manager whom they should contact is Jessica Bailey.

The purpose of the Voices from the Fisheries project is to consolidate existing and future oral history interviews and interview collections related to the human dimensions of marine ecosystems and great lake regions.

------ Forwarded Message
> From: Jessica Bailey <voices@noaa.gov>
> Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 09:43:04 -0800
> To: "voices@noaa.gov" <voices@noaa.gov>
> Subject: Voices from the Fisheries Project News

> Version 2 Launched!
> The Voices from the Fisheries Project is pleased to announce that
> version 2 of the website is now online. Changes to the site have
> created a more user-friendly environment including a search function
> with more options and search results give more details about the
> collections.
> Interviews can now be uploaded to the Voices database in an expanded
> array of digital formats. These include .PDF text files, .MP3audio
> files, .AVI, .MP4, .MPG, and .WMV digital video files, and .BMP, .JPG,
> and .JPEG picture file formats.
> View the new look at
> www.voices.nmfs.noaa.gov<http://www.voices.nmfs.noaa.gov/
> > !
> Introducing our new Project Manager
> We would like to welcome Jessica Bailey, our new Voices Project
> Manager. Jessica comes to the project with several years of
> management and administration experience, and she is knowledgeable
> about the commercial fishing industry from her work on the Working
> Waterfront Festival in New Bedford, MA. Jessica's responsibilities
> include identifying existing collections for participation, guiding
> organizations and individuals through the donation process,
> administering the database, and developing outreach activities to
> educate the public about the project. Do you have questions about
> the project? Contact Jessica atvoices@noaa.gov .
> Want to help spread the word?
> • Forward this email to anyone you feel may be interested in learning
> more about the Voices from the Fisheries Project.
> • Link the Voices website to your site. Please
> usewww.voices.nmfs.noaa.gov <http://www.voices.nmfs.noaa.gov/> as the
> link.
> Thank you for helping to spread the word about Voices!
> About the Project
> The purpose of the Voices from the Fisheries project
> (www.voices.nmfs.noaa.gov <http://www.voices.nmfs.noaa.gov/> ) is to
> consolidate existing and future oral history interviews and interview
> collections related to the human experience with marine ecosystems and
> the Great Lakes region. Each story archived here is unique and
> precious in its own right, but when combined with others they will
> become important resources for documenting our past and continuing
> connection with the oceans that surround us and the Great Lakes in our midst.
> This website and database serves as a central repository for these
> stories. It also provides links to other oral history projects and
> related information from around the United States and around the
> globe. Information about the project, directions on how to
> participate, links to related collections, a bibliography and answers
> to frequently asked questions can be found on the site.
> If you already have a digital collection or are thinking of starting a
> new collection, and are interested in participating, please feel free
> to contact us at voices@noaa.gov for more information. We encourage
> teachers to think about starting a new Voices from the Fisheries
> Project in their area. We also encourage individuals to start new
> projects. There is no deadline for participation. Do consider
> participating in this project.
> --
> Voices from the Fisheries Project
> voices@noaa.gov
> www.Voices.NMFS.NOAA.gov<http://www.Voices.NMFS.NOAA.gov>
> 508-264-3394

------ End of Forwarded Mess

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