Mega Malibu, Mega Fun Sept 8th! Board on the 7th!

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Mega Malibu, Mega Fun Sept 8th! Board on the 7th!

Postby Katiekozma » Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:13 pm

This day is Mega Fun! Come out and explore the beautiful coast of Malibu while Reef Checking!

Our plan is to survey a few amazing Malibu sites on Saturday, September 8th. This is a fun day - a great way to see four totally different sites, connect with other Reef Checkers and enjoy a day doing boat dives.

The plan is to board the Magician at their dock at 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro between 8:00 pm and midnight on Friday, Sept 7th. Directions can be found at their website here:

We will then transit overnight and wake up ready to dive at our first dive site first thing in the morning. We will make our way down the Malibu coast, surveying at each spot as we head back to port! We will aim to be back to the harbor by around 6:30 pm, but of course that depends on conditions, etc.

For those of you who are new to the Magician, it's a very comfortable boat with a fantastic crew and excellent food.

Some trip details:

*All meals are included (breakfast, lunch, plenty of snacks and drinks) and the food is great on the Magician! Let me know if you don't eat meat or if you have other food issues.

*You will need to bring your own tank - the boat DOES NOT PROVIDE TANKS. The crew will fill tanks between dives. Bring all your scuba gear, including weights.

*Bring all your survey gear, sunscreen and warm layers. We'll bring plenty of data sheets and spare parts!

*Prepare to get some serious work done and also have a lot of fun exploring this awesome stretch of coastline!

As we have a lot of work to do in one day, it's crucial we have a large team of divers to help accomplish our goals. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive some different sites!

Suggested Donation:
Reef Check is striving to use our resources wisely. To help support the program, it is suggested that RCCA divers on boat charters may help defray the cost of supplies and boat costs by making a $30 donation to Reef Check - but really, any amount helps support the cause if you are able to do so. However, Reef Check will never turn away divers that either can't or choose not to donate. If you are interested, you can donate online by checking this link: You can also bring a check to the boat. Sign up today, spots fill up quickly!

Since it's a long day with a lot of work, we'll need at least a total of 12 people checked out on fish for this trip. This should help make sure we can spread out all the fish surveys to our team so it's not just a couple of people doing all the fish counts. I've reserved a few spaces for people who are currently checked out on fish and I'll adjust the list as people sign up.

The Team:
1. Selena -fish
2. Katie -fish
3. Susy H.

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Re: Mega Malibu, Mega Fun Sept 8th! Board on the 7th!

Postby cowgirldiver » Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:25 pm

Please count me in

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