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Datasheet Reminders

Posted: Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:21 am
by dabbott
Hey, everyone, we're halfway through the season and I've seen some common errors on the datasheets so I wanted to post the following reminders:

-Fish transects should take ~ 5-10 min. 4 mins ok if there are not many fish or holes, but if it's taking 2 min you're going too fast.

-Always measure fish to the nearest cm. Not in 5cm increments.

-Fill in your header, including vis, heading, depth and time. If you don't have time of day use dive time, but correlate it to the rough time of day by adding an "hour" in front of the minutes.

-We want to record temperatures at the end of our dives after our computers have had a chance to acclimate. Temp should be recorded at 10m, 5m and at the surface.

-Write legibility and if you have sloppy handwriting (like myself) and need to clean it up on the surface, it's better to re-write then to write over, as often times writing over just makes it harder to read. Messy and clear is better than clean and confusing.

-Don't id yoys, record them as yoys. And rockfish less than 10 cm should be recorded as a YOY. We don't size YOY's.

-The Invert and Kelp datasheets have a totals column! Folks should put their total in the box to the left of the tally field where the distance line used to be. Species that are likely max out candidates like urchins have two boxes, one for the total, and another one with an "m" in it for the distance. In the long run I think things will be much clearer using these, but there is definitely the potential for things to become confused if folks write down the wrong thing in the wrong box. If in doubt, write "50 @ 18 m" or whatever.

-Not so much datasheet issues, but here are some UPC reminders. If we land on a blade of one of the 5 kelp that our on our kelp transect, we move it out of the way and record what is underneath. For all other algae, we don't move it and we record it as the algae either red, green, or another brown. Also, don't confuse the soft red encrusting algae with the hard pink crustose coralline algae. Soft red encrusting algae should be recorded as E: Encrusting red algae.