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DUI Pro Deal!

Postby dabbott » Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:27 pm

I'm pleased to announce that DUI has generously agreed to be added to the list of companies that give essentially dealer pricing to hardworking Reef Check volunteers! I'm especially excited about this one not only is it a great way to reward Reef Check Volunteers, but it also will allows us to carry out more of our imporant work documenting the health of California's nearshore ecosystems as divers is drysuits can generally stay in the water longer and collect more data then those in wetsuits. Thank you DUI!

Here is the nuts and bolts of the deal that DUI is offering us:
-DUI will provide a discount of 30% off of the regular retail price for any of our drysuits and passive insulation. If the diver already has a drysuit and would like to get accessories such as zipseals or a weight and trim, that is fine as well. However, those purchases a limited to to once per year.
-DUI will get a network of dealers who are willing to honor that discount and take the responsibility of measuring the suit and ensuring the fit. DUI has talked with Diver Dan's and Any Water Sports already, and plans get others lined-up as well.
-Given the large value of this offer, DUI has put slightly higher requirements for who is eligible for the deal then with our other pro-deals. DUI is willing to extend this discount to Reef Check volunteers who have volunteered 8 days a year and for a minimum of 2 years.
-I will provide them with a list of approved people, and they will give me a form for you to fill out that I can sign off on. You'll then go to the store with that signed form and the store will submit that with the order.

If you are interested in this deal, and want to know how many days you have volunteered this year or last I can provide this information. If we get enough people interested, I'm happy to teach a free drysuit class towards the end of the year.

Once again I want to thank DUI for offering to give us this deal. Thank you DUI!

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Re: DUI Pro Deal!

Postby Boccaccio Bill » Fri Jul 22, 2016 2:07 am

Way to go Dan and RCCA !

30% discount off DUI Dry Suits systems is huge. Now just let me figure.............. ;)

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