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Oceanic and Hollis Pro-deal

Postby dabbott » Fri Jan 08, 2016 5:26 pm

Hi All,

Now that the season is over, I'm going to put in an order for Oceanic and Hollis gear. If you are eligible (meaning you have volunteered six days this year) let me know what you want and I'll put it in the order. Note we're ordering directly from the manufacturer and as such these these deals are generally processed at a slower rate then what you are used to going through retailers.

As always the 2 rules with ProDeals are.
1) Be discrete, don't talk it up in dive shops and around the boats that you are getting these great deals. (though please feel free to mention that the company is a supporter of Reef Check)
2) Don't contact the company directly, if you have any questions or concerns make sure it goes through me.

If you are interested, check out the attached price lists. The best way to place an order is to send me an email so that we can work out the details. dabbott@reefcheck.org
RCCA OCEANIC PRICE LIST 2014 9.01.13.pdf
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